Our Students' Portfolio Success Stories

Sophia Du

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Central Saint Martins UAL


Below are Sophia's portfolio and more about her experience in the Standout Portfolio Method Program.



Julia Miranda

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Central Saint Martins UAL


Below are Julia's portfolio and more about her experience in the Standout Portfolio Method Program.



Abbie Green

BA Fashion Design: Womenswear at Central Saint Martins UAL


"After my GCSEs, I pursued a UAL Level 3 extended diploma in college, but it didn't equip me to create a portfolio for my dream university, CSM. Despite my initial rejection, I found 'Method 4 Fashion Portfolio' on Instagram, a discovery I'm immensely grateful for. Opting to study with Isidora rather than pursuing a foundation year proved to be an excellent decision. Isidora's combined experience in foundation and BA, coupled with her career journey, provided profound inspiration and propelled me into CSM Womenswear, where I have been dying to go to for so long!

The main problems I was facing before were how to put together a portfolio, and what a portfolio even was. With Isidora, I learnt that my portfolio needs to tell my story, and it needs to encapsulate not only refined pieces, but experimentalism and raw inspiration. In my extended diploma, I made lots of 3D garments but I lacked the research to back it. Isidora helped me to fill in the gaps and produce even more work that broadened both my skills and style.

Her guidance was most impactful in terms of how to do research and how to be experimental, areas where I initially felt weak. These insights have boosted my confidence and I feel much more prepared going into CSM now. Isidora is a great teacher, both inspiring and an honest critic. I have accomplished so much from this course. It allowed me to refine my skills and be confident in myself, but to also always push to be better. I now appreciate process and experimentalism more, which motivates me to now draw from unconventional sources of inspiration from everyday life, making my outcomes more original than they have been before. 

Overall I really enjoyed this programme and it was worth it. Very happy that I chose to do this as Isidora is a great tutor and she knows what she is doing. I recommend it to anyone, especially those who are in similar situations! "



҆pela Hudobivnik

BA Fashion Design at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


"When I enrolled in this program, my main goal was to create an outstanding fashion portfolio that would truly impress. The program's appeal was centred on the promise of expert guidance from Isidora, and I can confidently say that it exceeded my expectations. Isidora's masterful structuring of the course specifically for fashion portfolio creation is exceptional and has resulted in an educational experience that stands out for its precision and effectiveness.

The program really reflects Isidora's deep understanding of the complexities and nuances that make a standout fashion portfolio. Each module is crafted with attention to detail, assuring a smooth progression to reach the top fashion design school portfolio requirements. The content is not only relevant but also super practical, teaching you stuff that you can actually use to improve and elevate your work.
The program covers everything you need to know about building the key skills and making a fashion portfolio, leaving nothing out.It's like a goldmine of tips for making your projects look great, boosting your creative thinking, and showing you the whole process of creating a fashion project.

What's really great about Isidora's guidance is that it's super practical. She doesn't just talk about theory; she's makes you take action to make your work better and shows you how to turn your ideas into reality. This way, you get a complete grasp of how to make a fashion portfolio and have the power to make real improvements.
Isidora's mentorship is the driving force behind the program's success. The structure she has crafted navigates through the various components of portfolio composition. Her guidance, born from extensive experience, offering precise directions that propel students towards refinement. Isidora's guidance is really useful when it comes to understanding what a portfolio needs to communicate and how to arrange your work so that represents you

Her guidance has been priceless in helping me carefully refine the organization and coherence of my portfolio. Thanks to this newfound structure and knowledge on how to format my portfolio, I've not only learned a lot but also achieved my goal of getting accepted into the BA program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp!"


Selina Lily

BA Fashion Design: Knitwear at Central Saint Martins UAL


"I decided to enrol into this program because I struggled with my portfolio layout and I was keen on receiving feedback from a CSM graduate. I was hoping to get portfolio advice and realise my full creative potential.

This program has been instrumental in refining my ideas and improving my work. It guided me through the challenges of selecting the best work to be included in my portfolio. The toughest aspect was undoubtedly creating an effective layout.I learned to simplify my ideas, ensuring that my choices were well-organised, impactful and not messy. The advice I received not only clarified my portfolio, but also helped me prepare for interviews, which helped me get accepted into CSM's BA knitwear program!"


Julia Vasallog

BA Fashion Design at Institut Français de la Mode


"The Fashion Foundation program I attended failed to address our needs, lacking adequate guidance for admission into top fashion universities, which made me feel very lost and confused, and ultimately caused me to look elsewhere for help with my portfolio. After watching your YouTube video, in all honesty I had more hope! Isidora's way of thinking aligned perfectly with what I needed and felt I wanted at the time.

My main challenge was understanding how to create work suitable for the top fashion design schools like CSM and IFM, as well as managing my time and creating an entire body of work in just 2-3 months. My lack of relevant knowledge on the process (I simply was not taught how to do everything correctly before this program) was what worried me the most. I would constantly try to understand what portfolios were meant to look like and how they were conjured but to no avail.

I feel like I was so lost and upset before joining Isidora’s program, I just wanted a solution as soon as possible. I'd say my biggest expectation was to actually learn the tools that would help me eradicate that anxiety about my capabilities altogether. This mentorship was far more than that to me.

Isidora’s guidance was valuable in order to calm my anxiety and to see a clear path with steps that I'd been struggling to take myself. Feeling like you have a rapport with your mentor makes the process so much easier, which helped me to push through hard times and to not get overwhelmed. I could finally pace myself and maximise both the quality and quantity of work in my final version of my portfolio, creating an end product I was very happy with.

I started to learn to understand the process and love it, rather than to focus on the final outcome of my application. I have learnt how to go about research, implement all the design development techniques into my process and create a final outcome. I have gained a better understanding of what conceptual fashion actually is and how to explore that in my own unique ways. I have gotten far ahead of the entirety of my class and mostly achieved goals I was convinced I couldn't before, such as getting into IFM for BA Fashion Design.

I can't express in words how grateful I am for this program. I know it sounds dramatic but it really did change my life. Your tutoring made me go from feeling like I was behind and out of control to making me feel IN control, ahead, and confident. Asides of course from the results, which are there to prove it :)"



Sophia Laycock

BA Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins


"Isidora gave me the push I needed to improve my portfolio which allowed me to get into CSM which I dreamt of my whole life. She equipped me with a lot of creative tools and CSM insights I didn’t learn on my foundation course. Her instructions were always very easy to follow and examples of her own work that she would show me were really useful."


Marina Mazzucchelli

BA Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins


"Before this program I was mainly struggling with understanding the development process behind a fashion design project. I had a lot of ideas, yet I often felt more overwhelmed than inspired by these ideas. I had a lot of ambition but was finding it hard to do substantial work on my own because I often felt disoriented in my process and frustrated.
Isidora made an exact chronological plan for me on how to move forwards which relieved a lot of the pressure and anxiety that I was feeling.  I personally struggle a lot with time management when there is a lack of structure and guidance which I think sometimes is a generational problem, which some art courses do not take into consideration under the idea that they should let you “explore” without any structure just because fashion is a creative subject.
The most useful part of the course were Isidora’s sketchbooks and research folders, because I could see the development from the research stage to final outcome. The process was kind of like ‘get super weird within a certain circle of boundaries and then afterwards pick out the best results and then move forward with them’. The best thing about it is that after I learned this method I was able to apply it to my following projects on my own. 
In addition, having her honest feedback on my work was what really made the outcomes so refined, justified and substantial. I would say the most significant overall improvement in my work was in its originality.

Prakarti Agarwal

BA Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins 


 "I always knew I really wanted to go to CSM for Fashion. However, I was previously unsuccessful in getting in, therefore was preparing from another uni, where I was receiving very little help and guidance.I wanted the inside knowledge and guidance from someone who knew what the expectations were and how to meet them.
This program definitely gave me information that is extremely hard to find and gain elsewhere. I always used to dread the research part, but after learning how to do it properly it is my favourite aspect now! I am much more confident with my ideas, and more open to experimenting. Images of Isidora’s work and inspiration sources really broadened my mind and allowed me to be more imaginative.
Isidora's method has infused so much more originality in my work, which allowed me to get a place at the CSM BA Fashion course. I find the skills I learned will be really useful in the future when applying for internships, jobs etc. I am also extremely appreciative that Isidora took time to answer any queries I had, which was a lot!"

Antonia Tolea 

BA Fashion Design at Institut Français de la Mode &

BA Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins UAL


"I felt very unsure with the way I presented my work and I wanted to learn from someone who already went through this process before. There are a lot of resources on the internet, however, it’s hard to make a project look unique with the same format other students are using.
The course helped me understand the process of developing a project and how to arrange the images on a page so that my ideas are easy to understand and look professional enough so that prestigious schools would be able to pick me from a sea of thousands of students.
Isidora was always very calm and helpful. She always responded to my emails and provided me with valuable advice.Through examples of her work, I learned what I should show in my portfolio, what to put more focus on and what not to do as well, which helped me get into both CSM and IFM."

Sophie Rowe 

BA Fashion Design Technology at London College of Fashion UAL


"Enrolling in this program was motivated by my need for guidance on assembling a portfolio. I didn’t understand what’s important to include. While I faced the challenge of creating an effective portfolio layout, Isidora's guidance uncovered additional obstacles affecting my work quality. Her mentorship addressed these issues and encouraged innovative approaches to enhance my work's standard, pushing my creative boundaries.

Isidora's guidance proved most valuable in understanding both technical and creative aspects. The guidance on portfolio presentation and layout, complete with practical examples, was crucial. The quick one-on-one communication and consistent support exceeded my expectations. 

This program has been pivotal in achieving my goals and elevating my work. I learned effective presentation methods and refined my design process with industry-relevant techniques. Isidora's one-on-one interactions and shared insights clarified processes and offered tailored feedback. I transformed from struggling to express myself visually to finding new enthusiasm, and from limited understanding of portfolio requirements to confidence in my work and abilities. I overcame communication challenges, refined my design language, and improved my drawing and collage techniques to amplify the narrative within each stage."



Hwang Je

BA Fashion Bags and Accessories at London College of Fashion UAL


"Before joining this program I did a foundation course in the UK, but it didn't work for me. The class size was quite large,so I could barely get help from tutors. I made a decision to join the the Method 4 Fashion program to be able to get 1-on-1 feedback from Isidora and personal guidance.

Right from the beginning, I had a gut feeling that Isidora could genuinely make a difference with her wholehearted advice, her structured and strategic approach to skill and project development, and a clear, organised plan that guided me from the very start to the completion of my portfolio. Knowing I had the support of a CSM graduate and an industry designer was incredibly reassuring and refreshing.

In the past, I struggled with finishing the projects I started,  because I would lose motivation and excitement about the work. My most significant challenge was my super high expectations, which often prevented me from even starting, let alone finishing my ideas. However, the program's fast-paced nature and tight deadlines pushed me to overcome these challenges and successfully complete each project. Under Isidora's guidance, I learned to focus on what truly mattered and the criteria against which my portfolio would be evaluated, rather than obsessing about making my work perfect. This shift in perspective helped me create more experimental and creative ideas. 

Isidora helped me understand the entire process, and improve my research, illustration and design development skills, as well as learn how to create an effective layout. She also provided invaluable advice on what to include and what not to include, so that my work really represents me and shows my strengths. Her constant motivation encouraged me to become more independent and confident in my creative process.

I'm immensely grateful for this program because, without it, I'm unsure if I would have gained admission to LCF!"



Jocelyn Ekelegbu

BA Fashion Styling and Production at London College of Fashion UAL


"After completing a Fashion Textiles foundation and holding A levels in art and product design, I was dissatisfied with the quality of learning during my foundation year. This led me to seek additional resources to build a portfolio for UAL admission. The challenges I faced revolved around structuring a quality portfolio, clarifying its content and format, and effectively conducting research and experimentation.

This program has been a game-changer. It enabled me to craft a strong portfolio and gain acceptance into London College of Fashion's (Fashion Styling and Production BA). I've not only learned to work effectively on design projects but also how to nurture and refine design ideas. Previously, I struggled to translate my ideas into tangible outcomes. Isidora's guidance was pivotal. She illuminated the path from portfolio inception to creation, equipping me with valuable insights that have made me more confident in approaching projects.

Isidora's guidance proved invaluable in critiquing experiments, researching effectively, pushing ideas further, and presenting work in an engaging manner. Her commitment to challenging ideas and providing constructive feedback was truly motivating. Her mentorship has had a profound impact.

Isidora was a friendly, understanding and informative tutor who provided great-quality lessons with engaging content. Her feedback was highly valuable and always allowed for ideas to be more exciting through a fashion lens. No question felt silly and she was always prompt to answer any queries. Thank you, Isidora! Jocelyn "



Muchemi Wanyeki

BA Fashion Design at University of Westminster

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Central Saint Martins UAL


"Before embarking on the course, I was aware that my portfolio lacked essential elements but was unsure of what I needed to add to my portfolio in order to improve it and get into the schools I wanted. I wanted to create more developed projects but I did not know what needed to change in regards to my research or development phases. 

The Method 4 Fashion Portfolio not only provided me with guidance, but it illuminated the necessary adjustments required in my approach to build strong projects. What stood out the most to me were the exercises for mastering the key skills. I have improved my research skills, and started incorporating both primary and secondary research into my work. I also now do a lot more 2D and 3D developments and experiments for each project. 

I was also pleasantly surprised by Isidora’s willingness to give advice when I asked. Even before the start of the course, she was quite open in letting me know which parts of my portfolio needed to be improved. The course, in essence, brought me the clarity I had been seeking, particularly concerning the intricacies of research and design development phases within a project. So I would like to thank Isidora for this really helpful program that helped me get offers for a Foundation course at CSM as well as the BA course at University of Westminster."


Keren Sondi

BA Fashion Design at University of Westminster


"The main challenges I faced before starting this course was poor design development and layout. I struggled to develop my work in fresh, creative, and effective ways. By breaking down my work, identifying what was successful, and further pushing that with different exercises and tasks, my work has improved immensely. 
The quality of teaching was highly valuable; Isidora knows how to be both supportive as well as honest and firm about your work and skillset in a highly constructive way, and she is able to adapt her methods to suit everyone's ability and ensure the best outcome."

Marija Brkic

BA Fashion Design at University of Westminster

"Before working with Isidora I attended quite a few courses and I found her tutorship the most useful. From her course I learned how to do research and how to translate it into experiments and design development, which is what I struggled with the most.Without her I wouldn’t be able to secure a place at Westminster's BA Fashion Course."

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